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Lion Nathan 

Lion Nathan's first B2C site, in a effort to compete with Dan Murphy and other trending Beer to Consumer sites


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Analysis & Design 

Logistics Integration

Billing Integration

Support Integration

Marketing Campaigns





MS Project 


Lion Nathan traditionally supplied beverages and dairy products to other businesses but saw a market and opportunities with B2C via a web-based solution.

There were already well-established brands like Dan Murphy and BWS but smaller online players like Boozebud were also emerging which would be direct competitors to Lion. 


Lion's proposition, therefore, needed to be unique. Lion being a distributor, had access to premium brews not available to others and was able to provide a more prestigious and premium experience to the user.

02 The Team

Web design, development, and system integration were outsourced to a 3rd party vendor. Internal teams from far and wide were added to the mix to support the end-to-end journey of the user. This including making up an approx $2mil budget.


Waterfall approach was mandated for this project, where a large chunk of the project was spent on detailing requirements, getting creatives from Marketing, mapping process, and making sure everything is close to perfect!

With this approach, once development and testing has been completed and signed off, it goes without saying the site would be launched to the wider public in a big bang manner.

04 WWW (What, Went, Wrong)

After leaving Lion, was launched in Dec of 2016.

The site had all the bells and whistles from the selected artwork to its features, to the custom-designed cupboard box you receive with your order. However, the site did not withstand the test of time and was shut down within a couple of years. 

Reflecting on the project:

  • There was minimal user engagement throughout the lifetime of the project

  • Large amounts of time were used to get large sums of minor issues such as choosing/fixing creatives used

  • Design and features of the site were business lead, essentially dictating how users would interact with the site instead of the reverse 

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